love and hate

I hate you

but still love you

, its like I want to throw you

off the cliff

and then rush down

to save you

I pray day and night

O love

sweet love

That u disappear


Till the end

That my life may end

End without love

Just erase from earth

Without a trace.

What’s the use of being


If I can’t be me,

If I can’t love who I want.

Of what use is this life

None, none at all……..


I love him
he loves them
he likes me
i lose him

I love him
he loves her
he likes me
i lose him, too.

I love him
he loves no one
he likes me
we are still friends

For how long will it last
my love for him
his likeness for me
i stay lovelorn…


The hatred in my soul
in my heart
eating my flesh
killing me slowly

I try to quench it,
rekindle it instead
i do
i own my hate

I hate everyone
i love everyone
i hate myself
i love myself

I want love
i need love
Not hate