Feeling horny
i looked at him
we locked eyes,
i could see desire,
i could see lust,
i could see love.
i kissed him
he kissed me.
soon clothes were flying
flung all over the place
he picked me up
placing me on the couch
i kissed him lovingly…
with passion we had sex.
we made love
over and over again.

Lasting love(2)

That night,i could’t sleep,i just lay there on my bed thinking. Just then i felt a hand on my body, i looked up into the dreamy eyes of Carl, i froze at this point. he smiled at me, kissed me , taking off my clothes as well.
The sex was the best thing to ever happen to me,because, 7 years after the encounter,i am standing next to him at the altar.
our love would finally be consumated.


IT was my first day at school:macaulay high,my dream come true.
The school was large with so many buildings,making it hard to count…..

I am being led to my hostel,by my childhood friend,henry,who was a stale student in the school.
Henry:fred you better walk fast,i have other things to do
Me:what is wrong with you,let me take all this in.
my friend,henry was an impatient person,always on time

When we got to the hostel,i was introduced to my other 3 inmates,john,carl and stephen.