The shizophrenic journal »the rape

Sitting on the edge bed, I reminised about the good times while trying to block the bad stuff out, so I thought to write it all down.


It all started seven years ago, I was nine years old then; it was at this time that I was raped by an older female friend of mine. She was one of my closest friends (she still is, tthough we never talk about what happened that day)

On the fateful day, she led me to her house, in her room; there she laid me on the bed and started doing strange sexual things to me. I protested, saying it wasn’t right, I didn’t know anything about sex, I was innocent and pure. She insisted, pinning me to the bed, she took off my shorts and underwear.
I was erect by this time and it sickened me that I was having an erection while in a situation as such.

She took off her pink panties, climbed on top of me, sliding my (it feels weird to say this) penis into her vagina while I just laid there like a log of wood, I liked her but I didn’t want this, at least not in this way. All I wanted was her friendship.

She started moving up and down on me, moaning softly as she gained tempo. She kept up the pace, thrusting harder each time, crushing me under her weight.
Weird enough, I reached orgasm, it was strange because I didn’t know what was happening to me.
I thought it was urine, so I told her I was about to urinate, but she was too engrossed to notice in her “monkey dance” on top of me to notice, So I decided to just let go.

After a series of the up and down movement she was doing on me, she also reached orgasm, it was so intense I was slightly jealous of her.

She looked into my eyes and with a stern look and intimidating voice she said to me right in my ear “don’t tell anyone, no one can know about this”.

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